What Exactly You Should Know to Bet on Sports


Among hundreds of different things to bet on, betting on sports is the most popular option worldwide. No wonder, as people do have an interest in various games and sports as well as they do wanna win money without lots of efforts.

So, betting seems to be the ideal choice.

If you’ve also recently come up with this thought, but don’t have a clue how to settle your first bet and what to start with, here’s an awesome online betting guide that will tell you everything you should know to bet on sports.

  1. Emotions

The first thing to remember is that any sort of emotions is ruining your success in betting. Overestimating or underestimating your abilities, desire for revenge after a lost bet, or rushing to the betting shop right after you win is not the right thing to do.

Remember that the best bet is made with your mind, not with your heart.

  1. Good Offers

Shopping around is a great idea not only when you pick things to bet on, but also when it comes to the choice of the betting company. Surf the net and read reviews, check if they offer bonuses and what odds they suggest.

  1. Geography

Surfing the net in search of your ideal bookmaker, remember that the country you live in is one of the most important factors. The same betting company can be super profitable in Canada but absolutely useless in Kenya and so on.

For example, Bwin in Ireland offers the largest betting lines in the world for more than 90 sports categories, Bet9ja in Nigeria has very high odds and the highest bonuses, and 10Bet is the most popular and beneficial online bookmaker in Australia.

  1. Ban

Carefully learn the rules of your bookmaker and things they ban their bettors for. Make sure that you do nothing against their policy (it’s not only cheating like bonus hunting, creating several accounts for free bets, and betting in several betting companies with a win-win combination that leads to ban).

However, sometimes you can be banned even without breaking the rules. For example, some companies ban their clients for winning too much (yes, unfortunately, it often happens here and there).

  1. Know Your Sport

Should it be mentioned that you must have a deep knowledge of the sport you’re gonna bet on? Obviously, the more information – the more chances to win.

It involves precise analysis of the league, each team in it, and even the players. If they’re competitive, if they’re playing offensively or defensively, how they deal with home and away matches, and what are their chances of winning the particular team. – That’s the sort of knowledge we mean.

  1. Weather

In case of outdoor games and sporting events, remember to check the weather forecast before settling your bet. This is the circumstance most forget when betting on sports, however, sometimes it turns out to be a key to victory.

Teams play differently in rain and sun, some players do better in bad weather than others. Find out everything you can before looking for lines.

  1. Bet Safe

The best advice this online betting guide can give you is to bet only what you can afford to lose. It’s a quite obvious thing, but most forget about common sense when they’re in the euphoria of victory, and it’s quite hard to cope with emotions and desire to settle a huge bet.

And here we come back to the first tip of our list that says: keep your emotions away!

  1. Be Patient

Having done your research on sports and betting companies, don’t hurry to jump in it. Be patient. Start small: follow professional bettors, try different techniques and strategies, keep learning from betting forums and websites.

It’s so unlikely good luck turns up immediately – be patient and improve your skills.

  1. Addiction

Since the day you first tried betting on sports you’ve been under a risk of becoming a gambler, believe it or not. To avoid this possible harmful effect of betting, set up your own rules and stick to them no matter what to add some discipline.

Don’t allow yourself to spend more than a fixed amount of money per game, never try to recoup, and practice the ‘cold’ unbiased approach to betting.

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Alisa Wu is a health and fitness writer and works at Cusabio, a biotech company that serves the field of life sciences research and offers protein production service. She shares articles on how to live healthier.


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