What Should a Baby Wear for Swimming Lessons?

Swimming Lessons

Many experts say that it is safe to go swimming with your baby at any time from birth, although, it is still recommended for most babies to start their swimming classes at six weeks.

There are some private swimming classes start as early as four weeks. However, before immersing your baby to the pool, better check the temperature of the water. It is ideal that the pool is heated to about 32 degrees Celsius. Other pools may have colder waters and it is, therefore, appropriate to invest in a baby wetsuit to keep your little ones warm.

What babies need to wear for swimming lessons

There are actually many different options for baby swimwear. Choosing the right outfit for your little ones may be quite challenging for many parents. Here we have the information that you may find helpful and essential before taking your little bundle of joy to a swimming lesson.

Babies from 0 – 18 months need a reusable or disposable swim nappy

Swim nappies are an essential piece of swimwear and any child who is not potty trained will need to wear one in a swimming pool. There are basically two kinds of swim nappies available in the market. Disposable swim nappies are worn only once and then thrown away after use. The difference of swim nappies and the regular ones, is that swim nappies do not swell up in the water. Unfortunately, they are not effective at preventing feces from entering the pool. On the other hand, reusable swim nappies can be washed and worn several times. This kind of nappy may look like a pair of swimming shorts and are integrated into swimwear.

The ideal baby swimwear for babies aged 0 – 3 months

As a parent, you need to consider several things before taking them to their first swimming lessons. One of the most important things to look at is the appropriate swimsuit that they will be needing. Remember that small kids feel the cold easily and as such, you may want to look for the swimsuit that is appropriate for their age. Newborn babies often times have sensitive skin, which can be irritated by the chlorine added to the water of the pool. It is therefore recommended to choose a baby swimwear that will help protect their skin from certain chemicals. It is also important to note that babies at this age group be comfortable with the swimwear they will be wearing.

0 – 3-month-old babies need a swim nappy, thermal all-in-one swimwear, a baby wetsuit, or a baby wrap. Thermal all-in-one swimwear will keep your baby as warm as possible. Wrapping them in fleece-lined swimwear that covers their arms and legs will protect your baby from the cold temperature of many swimming pools. Baby wetsuit, on the other hand, will likewise provide extra warmth, especially those that are made from neoprene material. Many baby wraps are made from neoprene to help keep your baby warm. The good thing about baby wraps is that they are easy to get on and off.

Baby swimwear for babies aged 3 – 6 months

Babies at this age group need to have freedom of movement as they love to wriggle and love to feel the water on their arms and legs. The swimwear they need should be able to give them these benefits. The swimwear should also provide warmth and comfort so that they will be able to enjoy swimming at a longer time.

Baby swimwear for 6 – 9 months and 9 – 12 months

The most important factors to consider for babies this age are swimwear with an integrated swim nappy to avoid any leaks. You may also want to go for swimwear made from neoprene. This kind of suit will hold your baby more securely and prevent them from slipping out of your hands. In addition to these, the same kind of material will provide extra warmth, especially in cooler pools.

Baby swimwear for 12 – 18 months

At this age, you will need to consider buoyancy, UV protection, and leaks when choosing swimwear. Swimwear with integrated floats support babies in the water and keeps them in a more natural horizontal swimming position. Swimwear with UV protection keeps the babies safe, especially when they are swimming outdoors. Additionally, swim nappies are also important to provide comfort for the babies and peace of mind for the parents.

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