What To Look For In A Gym Bag For Men And Women

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Men and women like to go to the gym or athletic centers because they can do plenty of exercises there. Read more about gyms in this site here. Through the years, most people will go to the gym to work out to stay fit and healthy. Due to this, a gym bag for men and women has become popular because it can carry the essentials.

As the years grow, these handy carryalls have evolved in function and style. In today’s times, they have a variety of tasks that cater to the full range of activities that their owners may engage in. Workout clothes, sweats, brushes, and shoes can now be carried inside an exercise room without any hassles.

Carrying the essentials will make changing after the workout a lot easier. An executive who decides to exercise early in the morning may want to have something inconspicuous. He can carry his workout clothes with him to the office so that he won’t be late. At the same time, bringing a high-quality and styled workout backpack will prevent his office mates from commenting that about his workout routines.

In today’s times, a lot of companies sell gym bags with a variety of colors, designs, styles, compartments, etc. It can be hard to choose from the hundreds of thousands of backpacks available on the internet or inside the department stores. If you are one of the people who want to get the perfect bag for your workout routines, here are some tips to help you out.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gym Bag For Men And Women

1. Overall Size

The size is the most important thing to consider before buying. The right size means that you can carry the essentials with you, such as your protein shakes, water bottles, towels, and more. There should be compartments that are large enough to store your workout clothes, shower essentials, gear, shoes, and more. One of the factors that you need to look at is whether your carryall can fit inside the locker provided by your athletic center.

2. Materials Used

The material choice will largely depend on the owner’s style and preferences. The most popular materials nowadays are polyester, canvas, nylon, and leather. The material will determine the cost of the bag and will be the most affected by this feature.

You might cover a lot of walking distance in going to the exercise room and will find leather a little bit heavy for you. Canvas ones may be convenient in the summer because you can use them to go to the beach after a workout. The nylon ones are the most durable, and they are also waterproof, which can help on rainy days.


This is one of the most common materials used in many duffel bags. This is heavy-duty, easy to clean, and resistant to water. Members can carry their sweaty workout clothes afterward in a separate compartment or their bathing suit after their swim. One of the downsides of polyester materials is that it does not dry quickly. It can be prone to mold and bacteria, so thorough cleaning is essential.


One of canvas duffel’s advantages is it is lightweight. It can be washed using a washing machine and ideal for storing shoes. One of the downsides of using this bag is that moisture tends to stay in it. This can be a breeding ground of bacteria and mold if the bag is not dried well after washing.


Nylon bags are lightweight, like canvas varieties. Another pro to consider is that it is cheaper compared to others. On the downside, plastic may not be as durable compared to other materials and may contain lesser compartments for storage. This is the ideal choice if one has a walking distance from his house to his gym.


Leather adds the feel and looks of luxury to its wearers. The material is also durable and soft. However, it can be more expensive compared to others, and it stains easily. This is not the ideal choice if you are on a swimming regime since it can take time to dry. If not properly cleaned, the bag may also retain unwanted odors. You might want to get a duffel that has leather trims if you have a membership on a premier gym club.

3. Compartments

Many carryalls have a lot of compartments that serve a variety of purposes. Chambers that are exclusive for shoe compartments are convenient. The shoes can get dirty even if you are exercising inside an air-conditioned room. The shoes can be separated from toothbrushes and moisturizers (who doesn’t love a nice small gym bag with shoe compartment). Others may even want a gym bag with yoga mat slot. The items are neatly organized, and a person can easily dig through his things when they are about to exercise.

4. Comfort

The wearer of the best gym bags should be comfortable, especially if it takes a long time to walk to the gym. Comfort should include the kind of straps available where you will be most comfortable with. A lot of people choose the types that have two handles for more comfortable carrying. Most may want to get the backpack types, especially if they are carrying a lot of items. For other people, the single strap that can be put on the shoulders work well and can make them look cool.

Items to Stash In A Gym Bag

Young people working out

Most people look for designs where compartments for water bottles are present. Some bring body wipes and face towels so that they can easily wipe off all the sweat after a heavy workout. Women may want to bring a lip balm with them, but it can be impractical to bring their whole makeup set. Applying ointments after exercise makes the lips fresh, and the wearer looks good.

A fresh shirt is always mandatory, as you won’t want to wear something that is dripping with sweat on your way home. Moisturizers such as lotions and shower gel will make you feel good after your shower.

Even if most gyms offer sanitizers and moisturizers, you may still want to bring your own because you choose something that is specially made for your skin, you love the fragrance, and you won’t be allergic to it. Shampoos will also make your hair feel soft and smooth even after a strenuous exercise, so be sure to bring one.

Conclusion: A Gym Bag For Men Or Women Is A Must

Whether you want a women’s gym bag with shoe compartment, a personalized gym bag for men or women or the best gym bags for men, hopefully our article has helped you somewhat.



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