Why Choose a Vertical Facelift?

facelift surgical procedure
facelift surgical procedure

Over the last few years, many new facelift techniques have hit the market, but very few are as effective as the vertical lift. That cutting-edge technique will allow your surgeon to enhance your natural beauty without creating the “windswept” look that many facelift patients struggle with. Following your vertical facelift, you could look up to ten years younger, and many patients are able to maintain those results for a decade or longer. If you are tired of masking your facial blemishes and imperfections with expensive beauty products, then it might be time to consider this advanced cosmetic procedure.

facelift surgical procedure


An Overview of Facelifts


The facelift is a surgical procedure that is designed to target and eradicate a variety of facial blemishes. While some blemishes around the eyes or near the neck might be impacted as well, the primary goal of a facelift is to minimize or erase imperfections near the cheeks, jawline, mouth, and nose. That is accomplished by making a few small incisions near the ears and chin with a very thin scalpel. The surgeon can then slowly adjust the underlying muscles and pull the skin tight. When the facelift is complete, patients are typically left with a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.

Benefits of a Vertical Facelift


As you can see in this facelift photo gallery, the vertical lift technique can produce astounding results when it is carried out by a skilled surgical team. During a traditional facelift, a surgeon will typically pull the skin and underlying tissue to the sides, and that is what sometimes creates the unnatural appearance that patients would like to avoid. To combat that issue, some patients are now turning to the vertical facelift technique. That cutting-edge technique allows surgeons to pull the skin upward on a vertical plane. As an added bonus, that technique typically only requires two incisions, and that means you are going to have a much lower risk of long-term scarring.

Adding Stem Cell Treatments to Your Facelift


Even though a facelift is a surgical procedure that can produce amazing results, some patients would like to speed up the rejuvenation process. Stem cell treatments have exploded in popularity in recent years, and it is an excellent option for patients who are interested in cosmetic surgery. By injecting your own stem cells into the treatment cells, your surgeon can trigger your body’s natural healing response. Those stem cells are going to replicate the nearby cells and replace your damaged soft tissue. Adding stem cell therapy to your facelift is a relatively easy process, and you will probably only have to schedule one extra appointment.

How Soon Can My Facelift Be Carried Out?


If you would like to undergo the facelift procedure right away, then you must immediately contact your surgeon to schedule your initial meeting. The facelift photo gallery should give you a good idea of what kinds of results can be produced, but you need to be cleared by an experienced surgeon. Your surgeon must look over your medical history and learn more about your cosmetic goals. They might even suggest a different procedure if the facelift won’t help you achieve the appearance that you are hoping for. Once you have been cleared by the surgeon, you can finally set up your date for the facelift operation. That procedure is going to help you revitalize your appearance and restore your confidence. With the vertical technique, you can look years younger while enhancing your natural beauty.

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