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Before submitting a full article, you can also submit just a small draft or short pitch where you summarize your article and why our readers would be interested in it. Please also include an outline for the article.

Sponsored/Guest Post Guidelines

Guest post topics: The article topic should be in some way related to the health industry like health care, hair care and skin care, mental health, beauty, foods and diets, diseases and therapies, fitness, spa and wellness, dietary supplements, male and female enhancements, weight loss and muscle gains, general health, gym etc.

Author’s bio and backlinks: We only allow a few back links inside the post and one in the in the author’s byline (Website URL).

No irrelevant links: No irrelevant donation links will be allowed. All back-links should be relevant to the author’s website.

You are encouraged to link out to known and authoritative resources like studies, .gov site, wikipedia, etc. Please stay within 1-2 such links per article.

Credits: Please give a credit to individual work wherever necessary. This goes for stock images as well. You may also add images or videos to your guest post, as you know it will add value to your article.

Affiliate links: We do allow affiliate links inside the sponsored post. (*Extra fees will be applied.)

Copyright: Please do not submit any guest posts copied from other blogs. Articles must be 100% unique and original (i.e. not published anywhere else on the Internet) – this will be verified via Copyscape.

Article quality: You must be able to write high-quality, very conversational, engaging and helpful evidence-based content. You must have a high standard of written English and grammar. Eliminate fluff or unnecessary words. Please make sure your submitted article is free of grammatical errors and/or typos.

We prefer articles of at least 1000 words. Please include a free stock photo for the article (add the exact link of the photo in the article you send).

We use Yoast SEO for all our articles so following their guidelines would increase your chances of being accepted. We’ve outlined some below:

1. Try to make shorter sentences, using less difficult words to improve readability.

2. Use active voice.

3. Start sentences with different words. Try to mix things up!

4. Add subheadings to improve readability. For Subheadings Please Capitalize First Letter Of Each Word.

5. Use short sentences (that don’t contain more than 20 words).

6. No bullet points, please.

Edits: We reserve the right to edit the content to remove inaccuracies, grammatical errors and to improve the title. When we deem necessary we might also add or remove images to meet our style.

Comments: Once your article get published, your article may get lots of queries. Please try to answer them as this will lead to more exposure of your article.

Guest/sponsored post terms & conditions:  We do accept reviews, articles and giveaways of products that we feel our readers will enjoy (we are very selective regarding this). Please contact us with your inquiries.

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